I stopped using Spotify and replaced it with a couple of years ago because Spotify suddenly stopped offering an album I'd had in my collection for a long time with no notice nor explanation.

Now I'm hearing that a bunch of podcasts are going Spotify exclusive as well, meaning that they are no longer actually podcasts and are not accessible to people in countries which Spotify does not serve.

Kill Spotify dead, frankly. Just the worst example of art distorted by tech.

@sporiff I'd rather not hear that podcast than using #spotify and others.

When Spotify bought Gimlet, I figured Spotify was trying to find new ways to remain financially relevant. Hopefully they'll be gone Soon™

@sporiff say, so you have to upload all yr music to use it tho? sounds like users are supposed to do all the work. i feel like there shd be ways to not have to do that these days... (if the world was different, maybe)

Not at all, if someone uploaded the song in a instance which is federated with yours you can listen it

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