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Baku Social is a Mastodon instance founded for folklore enthusiasts. Conversation will typically be about folklore, mythology, and occasionally religious iconography. This is not a restriction, however. You can talk about whatever you want to talk about, provided you follow the rules.

Code of Conduct

Other Notable COCs


  • Give credit where it's due
  • Don't harass anyone
  • Report harassment to moderators
  • Think about what you post and tag accordingly
  • Have a great time


The Nitty Gritty


Original art is always appreciated, and the sharing of art is encouraged. It is also important to give credit to and provide links to artists if the art is not original. Treat it fairly and let everyone appreciate it.

Content Rules

  • Adult content, within reason, is perfectly fine with adequate tagging. Not everybody wants to see it at work
  • Anything resembling child pornography or other illegal content will be swiftly removed and the poster will be banned
  • Political discussion is perfectly fine, but please appreciate that not everybody is interested in it, affected by it, or comfortable with it. Please use content warnings when posting about political topics
  • Gore and graphic violence will not be tolerated. Even gore depicted in illustrations should be tagged accordingly
  • Advertising is strictly prohibited. We come to Mastodon to get away from that
  • Racism, sexism, nationalism, xenophobia, or general discrimination against any person for any reason will not be tolerated. This is an instance for fun and folklore, not foolishness
  • Fake accounts and bots are not permitted, with the exception of harmless or useful bots used to post interesting and relevant content. Tsukumogami and Folklorethursdaybot are currently the only bots used on the instance

Reporting Abuse and Harassment

If you are being harassed or abused, or if you witness somebody else being harassed or abused, you should report it to the moderators using the "..." button and selecting "Report". Anything more urgent should be raised directly with a moderator using direct messaging. Anybody caught engaging in harassing or abusive behaviour will be subject to warning or expulsion from the instance depending on the severity of the offence.

Privacy Policy

Your information will never be used in any way that could harm you. No data is ever given away to advertisers and all attempts to siphon data using brand/non-human accounts will be dealt with. Data is never used to improve the service, nor is it shared unless there are valid legal reasons to do so. Please be aware that - theoretically - the administrator of any Mastodon instance has access to all information including direct messages. Data is stored in a database on a server owned by the administrator. For truly private communication, please look into a strong end-to-end encrypted communication protocol such as Matrix or Signal. Baku Social takes the following security measures:
  • All pages are secured with HTTPS thanks to Let's Encrypt
  • EXIF data including co-ordinates and camera information is stripped from images and is never stored on the server
  • Ads and trackers are not permitted

Blocking Instances

Mastodon is a thriving community of federated servers, each with their own rules and regulations. This is a great thing for internet freedom, however it can mean that some servers are simply not compatible with one another's cultures. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to block federation to certain servers. On Baku Social we follow the block list set out on toot.cafe as a precautionary measure. Instances found to be hosting illegal content or promoting harassment will also be blocked. This is a place for folklore fans to have fun, not to be subjected to unwanted content. There are myriad servers dedicated to other interests which will serve you better if you disagree with the rules set out above.