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Tonight she will start to leave, part my fault part hers. I wish her the best and hope the least bad for me

Confirmed my suspicions. Fuck everything at this point honestly.

But now I'm stuck in a job I hate with no marketable skills and a failing home life. Isn't the world great?

I wish I could start my own business to earn money working with people I love doing the thing I love, much like I've stumbled into with FOSS.

The end is coming. Things are about to get a lot more stressful

Funkwhale, security, review wanted 

I've split off the useful bit of my bot as a standalone translation bot for anybody to use with Matrix

I might split out the translation part of this bot and release a binary for people to use freely. Could also look at making a podman/docker container for fun.

Although I'm sure something better exists already.

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