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Homebrew is the only thing that makes macOS bearable and it's criminal that Apple aren't showering its developers with money.

"Windows 10 takes 30 minutes to update. What could it possibly be doing for that long? That much time is enough to fully format my SSD drive, download a fresh build and install it like 5 times in a row."

Yeah? Well macOS takes over an hour sometimes. Linux and BSD? A few minutes at most.

I swear nothing makes me less productive than having to work with a sodding MacBook. Christ.

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Oh great. A macOS update.

It's a minor update that has already been going for 40 mins. Says it has 30 left.

Why does anybody put up with this horseshit?

First day back to work and I've done nothing buy lay here all night dreading it. It's now 4:30am.

Just celebrated a good round of end of the month invoicing by writing some checks to people doing good work in/near Flint. A day of my work this month has gone to each of:

None of this can bring George Floyd back, nor any of those murdered before him. But it's something that I can actually do.

Hong Kong 

It has been 23 years since the handover. At every turn, the UK has just fucking watched China walk all over the 50 year agreement. How anyone can take the UK seriously at this point I do not know. Cowardly shits.

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Anybody got any blogs they'd like to recommend? I'm particularly interested in technology or folklore-adjacent stuff, but if it's good writin' I'm down for readin'.

Okay, I've fixed @folklorethursdaybot (somehow I'd overwritten my credentials file ages ago and not realised. Whoops). I've also fixed an existing issue with string encoding so it should actually render text properly now.

On the plus side, I managed to figure out why his site's responsive CSS didn't work and put a fix in, so now his site will work faster AND it will work on mobile.

I feel I've shot myself in the foot here.

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Last night I spent a few hours benchmarking my site against my friend's. I've made a few improvements and have managed to halve the load time across the board and shrink my CSS by 2kb. It's still not as fast as his though. Damnit.

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