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PyQt5 refusing to install on both my FreeBSD machine and my Linux machine. This is making me very sad.

My criteria for my next computer is going to be "can it run 9front?"

My current laptop's wifi card isn't supported. I would ask on the mailing list but I don't want to annoy all of the dev.

Miss me with that shit. Lazy devs are the bane of my fucking existence.

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"Why can't we put a new line in here?" they ask

"Ah because it's posted as JSON. A new line breaks the string," says I

"So why can I enter it?" They retort


"And why doesn't it just convert it to something JSON-legal upon entry???"


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I spend my life writing hacky SQL workarounds because developers refuse to sanitize their fucking inputs and I just want to scream.

But, you know, apparently it's cheaper for me to spend hours troubleshooting every week while the client worries than it is to pay a dev to spend a couple of hours actually finishing the work they half-heartedly started.

I haven't slept at all in the last 3 days 🙃

Happy Monday. We have a new Synapse release candidate for you and it is a whopper. v1.13.0rc1 contains Redis support, allows SSO installs to cross sign devices as well as a host of performance improvements. So check it out and help us test.

Anamanaguchi released their latest album, [USA], under CC licensing. Therefore, it is available to stream from my pod.

I purchased this album. If you like it, why not send some money their way?

I stopped using Spotify and replaced it with a couple of years ago because Spotify suddenly stopped offering an album I'd had in my collection for a long time with no notice nor explanation.

Now I'm hearing that a bunch of podcasts are going Spotify exclusive as well, meaning that they are no longer actually podcasts and are not accessible to people in countries which Spotify does not serve.

Kill Spotify dead, frankly. Just the worst example of art distorted by tech.

People at work got legitimately angry at me for not knowing why we have a day off today and ??? I don't keep a calendar in my head, sorry.

Yesterday I was paid a full half day of work for something that took me 15 minutes to write. Since I'm moving up to be the technical accounts manager, I don't think I could ever justify letting them charge for that kind of work again.

Whoa. I had been loosely following the @funkwhale channels development, but I didn't realize it already _released_ in 0.21 along with a bunch of other great new features, fixes, and improvements! Updating my instance was easy as always.

If you haven't already, check out what the #funkwhale folks have been up to lately:

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