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Passed the first round of interviews! Now I just need to submit a piece of technical writing to prove I know what an API is and does.

/me googles frantically

when you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called "quarantine"

Funkwhale, dev, sign-up screening 

lol I actually landed an interview for a job in the Netherlands. What.



Ravens have many legends around the world. Many associate them with death and misfortune due to their attraction to carrion as a food source, but their intelligent nature also led some cultures to associate them with the trickster archetype.

In Welsh mythology they were a symbol of the God Bran, who sacrificed himself so his severed head could give prophecies. It is said his Head is burred beneath tower hill in London, which is said to be why Ravens are kept at the Tower of London, And legend has it if they were ever to leave the tower, Briton will fall.

There are localized versions of ‘the magpie rhyme’ that uses ravens to count instead. The meanings are; one is bad luck, Two is good luck, three is for health, four is for wealth, five for an illness, six for a death.

In Irish mythology the war goddess(es) Morrigan took the form of a raven to inspect battlefields.

And of course in Norse mythology Odin uses two ravens, called thought and memory, to collect information out in the 9 realms.

Podman-compose actually works. This is amazing. I can look at ripping Docker off of my servers soon then and replacing it with Podman :D

I really don't have any luck with conferences. They always seem to end up cancelled or i get trapped due to weather conditions. Every time it's just money down the drain.

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