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Gonna try running some custom commands to see if we can fix this NONSENSE.

Don't know why it consistently fails when I upgrade. The forums are no help either, all just say "yeah docker's crap"

But you packaged it?

Now if only I could get elasticsearch working again...

Sweet. Got suspend/resume on lid close/open working.

Well, performance on the site is fine but its memory usage is absurd for something so small.

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At some point I'll probably migrate to a non-docker setup. It runs like absolute ass at the moment and I'm hopeful that at least part of that is down to the inefficiency of Docker.

Of the nearly 500 packages on my machine I swear about 50% are LaTeX related...

This is the second time es has crapped out in exactly the same way.

Oh. I've forgotten how Ubuntu's file system is structured. Let me just reboot brain into Linux mode.

Oh, looks like elasticsearch has crapped itself again...

#NP #NowPlaying

Japanese Folk Metal - JAPANESE FOLK METAL
Genre: Do you really have to ask?

I appreciate their candour, if nothing else.

looking for history writers - boost please! 

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Submitted my Roswell port! Hopefully this gets uploaded or I can get some useful feedback from it.

Also hoping I did it correctly...

Nice! My Roswell port actually works and installs everything perfectly. Now to get a Poudriere jail set up to test it then I can submit!

Wow, @Francetele romp les accès utilisateur via Google et Facebook pour raisons de confidentialité Tant pis pour la facilité si c’est pour le bien de l’utilisateur : nice move!

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