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Website is going offline for a little while. I'm migrating to Coleslaw.

I can literally use one programme to do everything this is crazy

I knew one day my GNU Emacs manual would come in handy. This is awesome!

Thank goodness England didn't win the rugby. Nobody would have shut up about it for years.

Hey friends. I need a bed. Taking donations for a bed to sleep in:

❤️ 🛏️

Funkwhale, podcasts/channels, dev thread 

For the 0.20 release, I made this long running thread ( to keep a track on my progress when working on the report feature.

Today, I'm starting the backend implementation for the podcasts/channels feature, and it's an even bigger one, so I'm starting another thread.


- Initial GitLab ticket:
- Forum discussion:

Feature summary and goals:

- Improve the publishing experience in Funkwhale by allowing creators to have channels (like YouTube / PeerTube / SoundCloud channels)
- Improve the discovery experience by allowing users to subscribe to channels and be notified when new content is published
- Support non-musical content (e.g radio shows, readings, etc.)
- Compatibility with fediverse software that support the Audio activity (meaning you can subscribe to Funkwhale channels from Mastodon, for instance)

Nothing obvious in logs. I'll have to do a deeper dive later on...

Funny five minutes appears to be over. What the hell was that?

Huh. Looks like it was an issue with my office LAN. Moved to WiFi and everything is fine :S

Usage doesn't look awful, not getting any alerts, yet the box is chugging.

Getting some weird slowdown on the server today. Wonder what's going on... has been updated to the latest commit. I've performed the changes outlined in the changelog, so hopefully we should see some general performance boosts \o/

#Funkwhale 0.20.1 was released this morning! It's a small release, focusing on bugfixes and enhancements (esp performance enhancements).

As usual, the full changelog is available here if you want to have a look:

A few interesting changes:

- Placeholders will now be shown if no content is available across the application
- Added a retry option for failed uploads
- Fixed an issue with embed player CSS

Happy upgrade 🎉

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