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And we're done. We shall see the fruits of our labour on \o/

Haha! It works. Now stores last run data to stop it running multiple times

Right. That's the basics done. I'll refine it tomorrow with a run date array storage (at the moment this is just stored in an array, which isn't ideal.)

Haha! It works! Now I just need to make sure it doesn't repost every item every time it runs :D

There may be an influx soon. Brace yourselves. Testing scraping logic.

Okay, I've had enough of Zendesk's shenanigans for the day (never, ever use this product for a help centre, please). Gonna put a little bit of time into @folklorethursdaybot

Another month, another interview on our blog! This month, you can learn more about @sporiff, his involvement in the project, and his cat ;)

Interview by @GinnyMcQueen

If you're encountering an error during migrations while upgrading on a non-docker install, please run the following command by hand:

sudo -u postgres psql funkwhale -c 'CREATE EXTENSION "citext";'

Then rerun the first migration command that caused the issue. More details at

Apologies for the inconvenience

Right, the timings should all be fixed, systemd seems to have happily taken the process under its wing and started it automatically. Things are going swimmingly. I'll have a look at @folklorethursdaybot today :D

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