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Think I'll play around with Podman and Kubernetes today.

You know. For fun.

If you want to try out my work from the last few days without building the app yourself, you can download the latest flatpak bundle:

One bad thing about coming out of a 4 year relationship while living in a small city is that all of your friends are also their friends, so you kind or just have to share and take alternate days.

So, I've pushed a lot of updates regarding this install script, and it will now:

- allow you to disable installation of Nginx/Postgresql/Redis (if you manage those services yourself)
- stop failing when no locale is configured on the server
- have a better UX overall (wording, confirm by pressing Enter instead of typing yes, etc.)

I've also tested it with success on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server (in addition to Debian 9 and 10 ;)

Same instructions to try it:

It's been a long time since I wasn't in a relationship. It feels weird. Not necessarily bad, but weird.

Gentoo updates: just set it off and leave it. A watched pot never compiles.

It's over. It was easier than expected, but it's over.

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