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Please, PLEASE don't make me go back to work tomorrow.

Translation bots are really helpful in cross-language discussions. They're not perfect (machine translations rarely are) but they really can help when you don't know where to start

Weeabot can now translate from any language into another! That was a fun Rust exercise. Even got to fix an existing crate and submit a patch!

My relationship is in its last throes, as is my phone case. What an eventful few weeks.

Although people seem intent on keeping me in support roles at the moment. Answering calls to which I could not possibly provide a solution. How disheartening

I love computers. One day, somebody will let me learn this for a living.

I miss being in a band. I never make music these days.

Awesome. Just set up my first ever pipeline. It's simple, but it detects errors and builds. Now just need to automate the push to prod and I'm done with the setup.

Weeabot can now understand the difference between Japanese and English! Soon I'll be able to pass strings to translate :D

Rust is fun.

Might rewrite @tsukumogami in Rust. The overhead is so small and the language is really nice to write.

Rust crates are really, REALLY good. The whole process is just realy comfortable.

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