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Excellent. My Rust Matrix bot works. Tomorrow I'll add in the Google Translate feature and we'll be away!

So apparently my CTO might start giving me some dev tickets to work through. Things are looking up (somewhat).

The more I use Vim the less I understand people who don't use Vim

Since my conference has been cancelled I may try to go to Paris this month for a break. I need to get out of this country and out of work.

The last couple of days have been crappy, but today has been good. Did some gardening, submitted some MRs, and now having some drinks with a good friend.

Travel plans have been called off, nothing is refundable. This has not been a good week.

I'm enabling streaming directly from S3 as a test. It should marginally improve performance, hopefully!

#Funkwhale 0.19.1 is out with ~20 bugfixes and enhancements!

Many thanks to the all amazing contributors who reported, tested, fixed, reviewed and documented everything ❤️

As usual, the full changelog and upgrade instructions are available at

Happy upgrade!

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