Gentoo is a real pain in the ass but I actually kind of really like how it works.

In fact, I'm more disturbed to see the same behaviour in Europe as in Asia

The British are just unsalvagable beasts, aren't we?

A while ago I started writing a book about British expats and how disgusting they are.

Good to know nothing has changed

@eliotberriot yeah! My second year of university I studied film, Japanese, Cantonese, and computer science in Hong Kong.

I was only supposed to study film, but they didn't have enough credits. Rather than do subjects I knew I could pass (english and french) I decided to have fun and study C programming at a university level with no prior experience!

I miss my Hong Kong friends. I've not been able to contact any since I left Facebook as they never gave an email address when I did.

I feel completely cut off most of the time tbh.

Now sitting alone in a bar in Paris having strong flashbacks to Hong Kong

Aaaaaand mine is the ONLY delayed flight.

I am cursed to remain in the country I hate.

Vegan food 

A 45 hour working week is literally a waking nightmare. As soon as I wake up it starts, and as soon as I get home I have to sleep.

Why did I decide to install Gentoo on an underpowered laptop?

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