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I don't know if I want to start dev work in a place that doesn't follow best practice. Then again, where does?

@SuperFloppies I love coming home to GNU/Linux. To be honest, I'd take Windows over this. But it's office policy to use a Mac.

With a Windows VM to do SSMS work (90% of my job).

It's an iTunes update.

It's already been 15 mins.

I fucking hate working with a Mac.

Baku Social has been bumped to v2.8.3 to address privacy issues and other bugfixes. has been brought up to Synapse 0.99.4 and Riot Web 1.1.2.

@sheogorath @downey interesting! I hadn't seen that before. Guess I have some reading to do.


"Taiwan parliament becomes first in #Asia to legalise same-sex marriage"

I've seen so much awful, depressing news this week. So it is especially nice to see this very good news.

#lgbtq #taiwan #humanrights #equality

@michelamarie @downey Definitely both have excellent package repositories of their own, and Fedora exceeds stock Debian for certain things. I'm thinking more of third party software. In my personal experience, I find more software available as a .deb than a .rpm. I would say only Arch linux exceeds this with the AUR.

Don't get me wrong, I love and use all three 😃

#Funkwhale 0.19 is out, with updatable artist, album and track pages, more resilient and usable file upload, OAuth2 support, a brand new admin UI for your instance library, S3 storage support, and dozens of other bugfixes and improvements!

The full changelog is available here:

Many thanks to all contributors to this release ❤️

Also, you may want to check out our #blog for insights about this release and future ones!

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