I need to travel more. My languages are extremely rusty.

Had a bit of an issue with certs not renewing properly, so some downtime experienced. Everything should now be back up and running :)

@eliotberriot @maloki @hummingrain @dansup More developer docs would be greatly appreciated. I'm more focused on end-user docs as I'm not so clued in to the dev side of things, so the more people we can get writing technical docs the better!

Teaching myself JS/CSS by redesigning our helpcentre.

It's a mess. I must fix.

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Teaching is a nightmare of mine, but realistically it's all I was ever qualified to do. I'm a shit technologist anyways.

I'll never be a developer. Probably time to look into teaching.

It may be awful, but I'm still pretty proud of this EP. The last thing I wrote before I completely lost the music.


Christ I wish I was as creative as I was back in university. I'm so boring now. I have no song in me these days.

@eliotberriot Oui, je suis en train de réécrire l'intégralité de la documentation. Je dois donc renseigner toutes les parties du produit. Je vais juste donner la priorité à ces documents pour demain.

@eliotberriot Notre produit n'a pas de documentation donc je dois donner quelque chose à nos clients ...

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