Reminder of our first #Podcast/Channels development meeting for #Funkwhale is this Thursday!! :betty: :harriet: :wanda:

Planned obsolecense must be made illegal

the only boots I had that didn't hurt my feet have broken, and they were thin and crappy to begin with

coming from Los Angeles, I don't have any decent walking shoes or warm boots for northern France

if you'd like to contibute to the shoeing a Ginny, you are very welcome to do so 👞👢: paypal.me/ginnymcqueen

Introducing Otter, a dedicated Android app for Funkwhale

Android users, rejoice! This new client connects to Funkwhale with native APIs. wedistribute.org/2019/11/intro

Our working group for the channels/podcasts feature will be officially launched via a text-based meeting on November 21st (5PM UTC+1)

If you want to get involved in the design discussions, follow or help with development and test the feature before it's released, please visit governance.funkwhale.audio/d/Z to get all the details.

This is open to everyone, so don't be afraid to join and say hi ;)

#Funkwhale friends and #podcast people, we are having our first working group meeting next Thursday the 21st for Funkwhale's podcast/channel development! :serenity: :otto:

This is open to everyone, and even if you can't make the first meeting, you are welcome to to share your input and ideas via our forum or the Matrix room and participate whenever you can.


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There's a #Funkwhale app for Android now, called #Otter. It's still kind of in beta, but it looks really cool and has a lot of potential.

Really stoked about the potential this might have with Author profiles and podcast support! The Funkwhale project has those things on a roadmap for future development.
The albums view of Otter, a Fun…
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