Britain needs to nationalise and invest in its rail services. Trains are great when they're done right.

Train attendant walked past me shouting "any tickets we haven't seen, please", ignoring my outstretched ticket he walked straight on by.

So it turns out fare dodging must be pretty easy.

Walked on to the platform just as my train pulled in.

Nailed it.

Funkwhale is building support for Artists and Podcasts

Soon, it will be possible to publish original music and podcasts to the fediverse from Funkwhale!

So I've included a full example in the video, in which you see me:

1. Creating a channel on (the development server with the latest channels-related code,
2. Copy the channel username from the #Funkwhale UI
3. Paste the username in's search bar
4. Browse the corresponding profile in #Mastodon (with the channel cover and description)
4. Follow the channel in Mastodon
5. Publish two tracks in the channel, in Funkwhale's UI
6. Observe the corresponding tracks being displayed in Mastodon, with proper title and hashtags
7. After a while (there's a small delay in Mastodon), you can see the embedded player to listen to the tracks directly in Mastodon

Levels of excitement are rising!

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*Checks calendar*

*The word WORK is scrawled over every day stretching on infinitely*

*Screams internally*

Automatically suspicious of anyone who likes working in an office

Weird that the English use the word "quaint" when they obviously mean "shit"

I'm not used to all these trains being on time. What is happening?

Technical writing position in Dublin matches my CV perfectly. Click through to apply.



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