We have a 5 year old spreadsheet that details the rights needed to give access to different parts of the system. There are hundreds of them. I'm going to spend the weekend pulling them all out, updating the list, creating articles of master lists and updating each article to detail what rights the process needs.

Hopefully, this will only need to be done once.

My help centre redesign went live today. Months of work in an area I really don't understand (web design) to improve something I do understand (user documentation)

Now to update the remaining 164 articles that haven't been touched in a long time.

Funkwhale, dev, podcasts, federation 

So, looks like #Funkwhale channels and podcasts will be compatible with #Friendica!


You can expect this to work when their 2019-03 release is out!

@Matter @libreoffice It's not default, it still needs to be enabled under view > user interface > tabbed

Hum. Looks like we have some issues with DO Spaces again...

@saper I'm sure there is and I'm thankful I never have to interact with it 😋

Oh good. This test is trying to catch me out with bogus PHP. Good job I hate myself enough to have actually used PHP once.

Right. I have to do my technical tasks for this job application today. If all goes well, there's two more interviews including a technical interview 😫

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