Literally what happened at work this week. I'm fucking furious.

This graph shows the improvement: first peak is pre-gitea postgres upgrade, the second is pre-mastodon postgres upgrade, the last is post all upgrades. Big improvement.

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Vegan food 

Mushroom and pulled pea onigiri with red pepper hummus.

What it lacks in presentation it makes up for in bizarre taste.

My help centre redesign went live today. Months of work in an area I really don't understand (web design) to improve something I do understand (user documentation)

Now to update the remaining 164 articles that haven't been touched in a long time.

Nourriture végane 

Well how about that? I actually found a vegan restaurant not too far from my hotel.

Submitted my Roswell port! Hopefully this gets uploaded or I can get some useful feedback from it.

Also hoping I did it correctly...

Need to fix some of my i3blocks to use their equivalent values in FreeBSD, but for the most part this is working nicely.

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