Every time I boot up a Linux machine these days I just wish I was back on FreeBSD.

@sporiff why? I'm a complete FreeBSD ignorant. tell me more please!

@ekaitz_zarraga There are no surprises with FreeBSD. Whereas with Linux things change significantly between distros, I can be sure on FreeBSD that everything will be in its proper place.

It's incredibly stable because you can update the packages separately from the base system. You can completely break things and the system itself will remain fine in a way that you don't get with traditional package managers.

Honestly, it feels like what Linux should be. But they both have ups and downs.

@sporiff @ekaitz_zarraga

this is not true only for FreeBSD

All the BDSs

I experienced the same on NetBSD, in the days in which i played with it

BSDs are less bazaharish and more coherent

Also the documentation is way better because of that

No surprises, ever

I hope Guix can improve the situation but it's a long way

@AbbieNormal @ekaitz_zarraga Yes, it's a trait common to the BSDs (and probably most typified by OpenBSD to be honest).

Guix fixes a lot of issues, particularly with the placement of packages and the reproducibility of the system, but it's not aiming to address the issue of base system vs addon system (nor should it). Guix still assumes the base system comprises components from lots of sources (e.g. Linux-libre, GNU userland) rather than a cohesive whole.

Maybe when the Hurd is usable?

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