Translation bots are really helpful in cross-language discussions. They're not perfect (machine translations rarely are) but they really can help when you don't know where to start

@sporiff Any idea what it would take to get an imbedded translate function for Mastodon like Bing does on Twitter?

@4deuces That would be far beyond my knowledge, although I'm pretty sure projects like Fedilab have already done it. Essentially it would be a case of sending the body of text in the toot to the Yandex/Bing/Google API and returning the value underneath the toot box.

The problem with all of these is that they require a paid API key (Yandex's is free but limited, while I think Bing and Google are both paid).

@4deuces Yandex can detect the source language of the message, so you could probably take the user's chosen interface language as the destination language to get back the right result.

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