Should I switch from #Fedora to #Debian?

I have some early thoughts, but convince me either way! 😃


@downey Both are excellent experiences, although I have to advocate for Debian (specifically Testing since I like up-to-date packages) over Fedora due to some bad experiences I've had personally. Apt is often the first pm people will package for and the support for Debian/Debian based distros is beyond pretty much anything other than Arch.

@sporiff @downey I have to disagree with you on the package availability and support.

Fedora has a massive package repository (Debian's may or may not be a bit bigger, but Fedora's is close enough, regardless) and a huge, global community as well. Those are more points of parity, than an advantage for Debian. 😁


@michelamarie @downey Definitely both have excellent package repositories of their own, and Fedora exceeds stock Debian for certain things. I'm thinking more of third party software. In my personal experience, I find more software available as a .deb than a .rpm. I would say only Arch linux exceeds this with the AUR.

Don't get me wrong, I love and use all three 😃

@sporiff @downey Fair enough. I hear you. 🙂

As for me, the only application I've come across where I couldn't find an official package for something (by the software authors or the distribution authors) I needed in the last few years was for Signal.

Everything else I've needed a package for on the desktop or server was readily available. Of course, every situation is a bit different, so it's not a guarantee.

BTW: I like Debian as well. 😊

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