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A quick update on donations: in addition to Patreon I also have a Liberapay as an alternative for those uncomfortable using Patreon.

I leave the UK more frequently than I visit London because it's invariably cheaper and more interesting.

But the good news is I'm there to see my friend who I haven't spoken to in about 5 years. Strange to think I've been back in the UK that long already.

Gonna be in London today. Despite living only 3 hours away I very rarely go.

I mean, it doesn't help that the train is over £250 because our rail system is shocking...

Don't get me wrong, I love tokusetsu silliness as much as the next man, but we haven't had a properly serious Godzilla since the '54 one. The rest started to go over the top and then straight up comical.

Shin Gojira is an unironically fantastic movie and I'm annoyed more of the Godzilla franchise isn't like it.

sure, mastodon is a federated social network. but you know what it lacks? being bad. that's where i come in. hi, i'm twitter jack,

hey fedi, i'm planning a radio show on trans anthems. i wanted to do it for trans awareness week, but i got sick, and then there was so much work, and now its december, but really, any time is a good time for this. so i'm looking for trans anthems - music by trans artists, or music you identify with, music with transpositive messages, or music that helps you when everything seems shit. let me know what you got! :heart_trans:

So done with this week already. The business' move to AWS has not exactly been smooth.

Just told my boss I can't start work for half an hour because I've been given unfit work equipment. One day they'll let me use something better... looks like it's operational (something was definitely not happy there for a while, but I have a feeling it was on's side since I had trouble on my Matrix account), but I'm going to restart it anyway to be sure. Gives me an opportunity to perform some updates.

Oh. And now it works. For no reason at all. What went on there then?

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