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A quick update on donations: in addition to Patreon I also have a Liberapay as an alternative for those uncomfortable using Patreon.

All music in this library has been purchased direct from the artists by myself. If you're listening and want to support them, why not check out at to easily grab all links to support the artists?

I'm building a collection of music created under CC licenses on my pod. Feel free to sign up on or follow the library from your pod

(Sharing Link:

I've used Funkwhale documentation as a basis for the one of reel2bits.
Admin, user and whatever will follow.
So actually the available docs are : installation, translation/contributing
Theses one are synced from the frontv2 (soon master) branch on each CI trigger.

As always, comments and contributions are welcomed.

I love discovering new musicians who use creative commons. Feels wholesome.

Funkwhale, Dev, Reports, thread 

Call for reviewers 

I love when admins set up absolutely no logging. It makes my life so easy.


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