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A quick update on donations: in addition to Patreon I also have a Liberapay as an alternative for those uncomfortable using Patreon.

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Someone recently started to work on a native (as in: not based on Subsonic) android app for #Funkwhale. They are looking for feedback and ideas, so feel free to reach out on the corresponding discussion!

I'm looking for a few beta testers for the new donation/membership system for #Funkwhale. If you have a credit card, two minutes and 1€ to spare, would you mind trying and confirm everything worked smoothly?

Also, if you want to become an member of the Funkwhale association, we could also use some testing of our signing up process at

You'll need to pay a minimum fee of 1€ for this one and fill in the membership form, so it's a bit more involved .

Let me now how it works for you, thanks ❤️

Why anybody uses Chrome will forever be a mystery to me

I swear one of these days I'll learn Emacs. I even have the manual for crying out loud.

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