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A quick update on donations: in addition to Patreon I also have a Liberapay as an alternative for those uncomfortable using Patreon.

Jade is going out tonight so I'm going to have a night in. Drinks, curry, and Star Trek. Perfect night.

I also got my accordion out but I think the bellows might have a slight leak. That would suck. Not the easiest thing to repair.

I got to work from home today, so I spent the majority of the time I wasn't working on tickets playing my violin. I haven't touched that instrument in about 6 years but it never truly leaves you.

Star Trek The Next Generation is still cheesy as fuck but I still love it.

Retribute, technical blog post, help wanted 

@tsukumogami is the most successful thing I've ever made. He never lets me down.

Today will be a day for ignoring everyone and just focusing on doing something that isn't answering the phone to angry people. No idea why they get angry with me, I don't make the software. I'm lumbered with it too, guys.


Why won't the tickets stop coming? Why won't anybody fix the bugs? Why am I stuck dealing with the angry people?

I'm beginning to think I'm too good for what I'm currently doing but too shit to do anything else.

Podman is really interesting. Really need to look into that more.

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